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Delivery and payment

Price and payment for the item

1. The buyer is obliged to pay for the goods at the price declared by the seller at the time of conclusion of the retail purchase and sale contract, unless otherwise provided by law, other legal acts or follows from the substance of the obligation.

2. In case the contract of retail purchase and sale provides for advance payment of goods, non-payment of goods by the buyer within the period specified by the contract is recognized as the buyer 's refusal to perform the contract, unless otherwise provided by the agreement of the parties.

3. The rules stipulated in paragraph 1 of paragraph 4 of article 488 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation shall not apply to contracts for retail sale of goods on credit, including with the condition of payment by the buyer for goods in installments.

The Buyer shall be entitled to pay for the goods at any time within the Contract 's installment period.