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About Us

Vek LLC is a manufacturer of seamless laminated and lacquered PVC panels for interior finishing of rooms (walls and ceilings). These panels are equally suitable for public rooms, offices, private apartments, houses and country house. They carry moisture and temperature fluctuations well, especially in rooms with increased humidity. All manufactured panels are certified, meet hygienic standards, have fire certificates (G1), environmentally friendly and don't contain unhealthy components.



Vek LLC is recognized as the Leader of the industry 2016, 2017 and 2018. "Industry Leader" is an award of the All-Russian Business Rating, established in 2006. The award can be awarded to enterprises that have achieved superiority over competitors and entered the top rating of the ARBR. The Industry Leader rating is based on economic data of mandatory financial reporting, making the results transparent and independent.

The success of our customers is also our success. For quite long history of production PVC panels (since 2001) we tried to prove what we are the reliable partner and the producer of qualitative panels which doesn't save on raw materials and buys the modern and also certified materials for production.



  • The workshops of the enterprise are equipped with modern production lines. All products are tested at production. Panels of Vek LLC differ good in geometry and the minimum seam when assembling. The thickness is 9 mm, making them incredibly strong. Due to the combination of these features, it's easy to distinguish them from similar products of other manufacturers. Important feature and confirmation of originality is existence of marking behind on the panel.

  • In production laminated panels the film of PVC only of the German producers is used. This film is certified, has good characteristics and a variety of texture and color range. For lamination of panels it is used polyurethane glue. It isn't toxic and has no smell. All of this makes laminated panels durable, reliable, modern and unique.

  • In production varnished panels varnishes and paint of production of Switzerland, Germany and the USA, ultra-violet hardening are used. Modern technologies and high-quality components allow to produce lacquered panels with saturated color and bright gloss. 

  • Since 2016, the company has operated a full-color digital printing line. It's launch allowed to expand the range of products produced. At present, the line of produced panels with digital printing has more than 150 titles. Our company is ready to offer you decor for any taste: from imitation of tile tiles to full-color panels up to 4 meters wide. The printing process uses imported ink and lacquers, which are produced in Japan, Germany, Switzerland.